Here at Flower Power, we create honest natural skincare that cares for your skin, while reducing your chemical load and loving our mother earth.

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Skin Care Sets

Our Skincare products are made up of thoroughly studied ingredients that are all picked for specific reasons. All 100% natural and good for you and your skin.


Mood Tubes

The power of essential oils on your inner self is amazing. Simply use your mood tube by gently inhaling the aroma or massaging some into your pulse points to allow the magic to soak into your system.

Lip Balms

We are 100% clear about what goes into our lip balms and we totally understand the anatomy and physiology of the lips and use ingredients that actually do the job properly while reducing the chemical load on your poor old liver. We investigate the footprint of all our ingredients, we love our Mother Earth and do the best by her wherever we can when making our good honest lip balms.

Facial Cleansing Oil

These amazing Facial Cleansing Oils are a blessing in a bottle. We have four to offer for different skin types that deeply cleanse your skin without any nasty chemicals, Keeping your skin healthy and glowing. 

A magical blend of calming benzoin, cheerful sweet orange, balancing ylang, grounding patchouli, energising lime. Blessed with the bright cheery glow of sunstone and citrine to infuse your soul with happiness. Hand crafted and wrapped in peace and love.

Body Oil


About Us


Flower Power is a good old fashioned family business. Mother and daughter Sally and Trinity work side by side to create skincare for you.

  • That honestly cares for your skin

  • That reduces your chemical load

  • That is kind to our mother earth


Our health coach Sal often will post a blog post on something she feels passionate about. Sal has had years of experience and loves to share her knowledge with others. Read more to check out her most recent blog.