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Hi we are Sal and Trin and we are the creators of Flower Power Skin Soul.
Sal has been in the business of beauty her whole working life. She is a beauty Therapist, Wholistic Skin Coach and creator of magic. Sal understands the importance of taking care of your skin with good skincare but the chemical load of some of the products out there really concerns her. What we put on our skin really matters. People just assume that because it is on the shelf it must be safe for us to use. that is not always the case. Flower Power was born out of Sals desire to create good skin care for herself and her family to reduce that chemical load the body has to deal with on a daily basis.
Trin and her brothers have grown up fully immersed in Sals woo woo as they call it. Trin recalls being sent off to school with  a crystal in her pocket to relieve a  tummy ache. Cups of tea for sleeplessness are another common occurrence in the Mildenhall household. Then there is Mums magic hands for headaches and flus. So natural just comes naturally for us. Trin studied design at school and quickly became passionate about the subject. Sal is hopeless at anything techy so when the idea of sharing Flower Power with you guys came about, it was a no brainer. Trin would do all the design and marketing. Trin has always been super organsied, she loves lists and the satisfaction of ticking things off. So while Sal is in her woo woo room creating magic, Trin is out there making labels, doing orders, communicating with you guys and making sure parcels are posted.
Together we are the perfect team.



Choosing Flower Power Skincare with Soul is an effective way to reduce the toxic load on your body, your organs and bloodstream. Honour your body by using natural organic goodness that is free from nasty chemicals, horrible fillers, yucky perfumes and toxic dyes.

Our Skin Care Ritual

cleanse - hydrate - protect - feed

In the morning

  • Fill a basin with warm water, soak a nice soft cloth in the water. Rub the cloth gently over your face

  • Spritz 2 sprays of your hydrate Spritz into your hands and gently press into your face.

  • Drop 5 drops of your Day-time Protect into your hand and massage into your skin locking in the moisture from the Hydrate Spritz.

  • Apply your make up now and that's it - Take a deep breath, ground yourself and you are ready to face the day. 

In the evening

  • Fill a basin with warm water, immerse a soft cloth in the water.

  • Massage 1 pump of your Cleansing Oil into your skin for at least 30 seconds. Rub the warm cloth over your skin to remove makeup and debris.

  • Spritz 2 sprays of your Hydrate Spritz into your hand and gently press into your face.

  • Place 5 drops of your Night-time nourish into your hand and massage into your skin. Do this step directly after your spritz your face to lock in the moisture.

  • That's it. Snuggle into bed, count your blessings, and get a good night's sleep. 

We would absolutely love to hear any feedback that you have for us!! We are still learning ourselves on this fabulous journey. If you are not satisfied with any Flower Power product you receive we would love to hear from you and are more than happy to sort something out! 


New Zealand and Australia wide shipping, prices may vary depending on your location. Orders are sent via Courier Post and usually arrive within 2-5 working days. Rural may take longer.

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