Free Spirit Skincare Set

Free Spirit Skincare Set


Free spirit is all about balance- keeping the oil and water in the skin in perfect balance  so the skin does’t clog up or dry out. Each ingredient has been hand picked for its specific skin enhancing qualities combined with its unique fatty acid composition to ensure its perfect for the skin.


    On the very surface of the skin sits a very very important coating called the acid mantle. Its invisible but vitally important for healthy happy and glowing skin. Its a unique blend of oil, fatty acids, water and bacteria. It is when this coating becomes unbalanced or even worse get removed that we can develop issue with our skin. 

    Our skin can become clogged if the fatty acids are out of whack. It can become slow to heal, patchy and sensitive if the oil gets too low. That tight dry feeling comes from not enough water. Good oil acne can arrive when the bacteria balance is disturbed. And all those issues plus rashes and eczema etc develop when the whole coating is removed. So you can see it is hugely important to keep it balanced if you want sparky skin.

    The combination of ingredients in the whole Free Spirit range work synergistically to keep this coating perfecting balanced to give you glowing healthy skin with beautiful colour.


    In the morning

    • Fill a basin with warm water, soak a nice soft cloth in the water. Rub the cloth gently over your face
    • Spritz 2 sprays of Free Spirit hydrate Spritz into your hands and gently press into your face.
    • Drop 5 drops of Free Spirit Day-time Protect into your hand and massage into your skin locking in the moisture from the Hydrate Spritz.
    • Apply your make up now and that's it - Take a deep breath, ground yourself and you are ready to face the day. 

    In the evening

    • Fill a basin with warm water, immerse a soft cloth in the water.
    • Massage 1 pump of Free Spirit Cleansing Oil into your skin for at least 30 seconds. Rub the warm cloth over your skin to remove makeup and debris.
    • Spritz 2 sprays of Free Spirit Hydrate Spritz into your hand and gently press into your face.
    • Place 5 drops of Free Spirit Night-time nourish into your hand and massage into your skin. Do this step directly after your spritz your face to lock in the moisture.

    That's it. Snugle into bed, count your blessings and get a good nights sleep. 


    We would absolutely love to hear any feedback that you have for us!! We are still learning ourselves on this fabulous journey. If you are not satisfied with any Flower Power product you receive we would love to hear from you and are more than happy to sort something out! 


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