Violet Moon Hydrate Spritz

Violet Moon Hydrate Spritz


Violet Moon Hydrate Spritz is your daily external glass of water for the skin to keep the precious water/oil balance in perfect harmony.


Violet Moon Hydrate Spritz topically provides water for the fluid around the skin cells, this fluid keeps the cells nourished and the skin plump, moist and glowy all day. It also has ingredients that stimulate the fibroblasts to make more collagen to prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles.


    Spritz two sprays into your hands or directly onto your skin. Massage in for a few seconds, quickly follow with Violet Moon Day-time Protect or Violet Moon Night-time Nourish to seal the moisture. See the Violet Moon Ritual for more details. 


    • Frankincense Hydrosol provides precious water for the epidermal fluids keeping the skin plump and hydrated.
    • Frankincense stimulates the fibroblasts to make more collagen. The collagen gives skin structal support preventing lines from forming.

    Blessed with the vibrations of Tourmaline to give the skin radiance. Hand crafted and wrapped in peace and love.

  • INCI

    Boswellia Carterii (Frankincense hydrosol)


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