Crystal Power and Flower Power

The healing powers of crystals and ways to use them might seem like magic but crystals actually have a scientific background.

The explanation for why crystals do what they do is actually very logical. Everything is made atoms and energy right, and it's the vibration of the energy that holds the atoms together to create a mass. Crystals vibrate at their own frequency, the same way that the cells of our body vibrate at their own frequency. That means that when we come into contact with crystals these different frequencies meet and the crystals energies can influence and interact with our bodies energy.

There is also a connection between the minerals in our bodies that are essential for our health and that of the crystals minerals. For example Pyrite, whose main ingredient is iron, is good for anemia and grounding, and kunzite, a form of lithium aluminum silicate, is good for emotional healing.

Quartz crystals have the remarkable ability to transform, absorb, amplify, and transmit, and are a perfect conduit, thats one of the reasons they are used in watches, radios and medical devices such as lasers. These properties make them great for cleansing and absorbing negative energies which vibrate at a much lower level than the vibration of quartz. Since our body and minds are electromagnetic machines surrounded by an electromagnetic field, any form of quartz is good for tuning in to our body and minds.

Crystal energy is clear and high so enhances the energy properties of the body, resulting in a clean and positive energy field which must in turn must heal your physical body as well. The vibrations of crystals and the energy surrounding them is unique to each crystal, giving them all a different effect.

At Flower Power we harness this beautiful crystal energy and use it in our preparations to amplify the efficacy of the special ingredients.

We have the loving, self care enhancing vibration of Rose Quartz in our Loved up Lips. The energetic fun loving energy of Carnelian in our Groovy Lips. The healing and soothing energy of Rainbow Fluorite in our Peaced Out lips. The balancing and self esteem boosting energy of Rhodochrosite in our Gypsy Lips. All our new Facial Cleansing Oils will be rocking the energy of the different cleansing Quartz’s.

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