The Power Of Affirmations

Affirmations are very simple positive statements that if used regularly and with emotion will change our negative mindsets and bring about our scrummiest desires, wishes and dreams.

So how do we come up with these affirmations

Well firstly these positive statements must describe the ideal outcome we want from a wish, dream or desire.

Secondly they need to be short and simple, if we are saying them dozens of times a day then we don’t want them to be novels, they need to be easy to remember.

Thirdly they must be in the present tense, as if they have already happened.  If we say "I will have..." that keeps our desire in the future. So be clear, "I am a strong independent woman! I am now, right now."

Number four, the statements must be made of strong emotive words, really think about each word, do you want to EARN a good income, or do you want money to come to you EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY.

Fifth - the emotion. Emotion is very powerful when asking the Universe for change, the Universe communicates in emotion and feelings. Take some time to feel how fantabulous it's going to be when the ideal outcome arrives. What does it feel like not to have to worry about how the bills will be paid. How sexy do you feel in that gorgeous red dress. Really feel it, you are connecting with the Universe. Stay with that lovely feeling as long as you can just to make sure the Universe has your order just right! Yay its on its way.

Number six, repetition. The repetition of these positive statements can actually change the neural connections of our minds. Used with emotion they will abolish negative self talk. We need to repeat them dozens of times daily until the belief becomes part of us.

A little warning from Anita Revel in her fab book “The Goddess Diet”

Anita says watch out for back enders, back enders are the comments our old inner critic hits back with when we are trying to retrain our thought patterns with positive affirmations  You know the ones ”no your not thin and beautiful, look at those fat thighs”.

Our inner critic hates change so he will quite possibly smack you with a back ender when you say your new affirmation. It’s really important we listen for these back enders as they are negative and will undo all our good work.  Our positive self must get the last word, we need to get the inner critic on side, retrain him, this takes a little patience but he will change if you persevere. After all he got the back ender dialogue from us in the first place. Just answer him back firmly with the affirmation  Eventually he will come on board and even assist you.

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